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Conference Holds to Deploy for New Semester

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9 a.m. 1st of March, a conference of new semester work deployment was held on campus, and presided by the Secretary of the Party Committee of LNU Zhou Sibi. President He Lin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Fu Yapin, Vice President Dong Mingjian, Cheng Xuquan, Huang Baohong, Lizhi, and President’s Assistant Xu Xiang attended the conference.

President of LNU, He Lin

President He Lin asked all the faculty to put new spirit, new appearance, new achievements into the work of teaching, scientific research, management, service and so on, to ensure a smooth beginning of the new semester.

He reviewed the work of LNU over the last year and gave an affirmation. LNU improved its facilities and conditions, developed its professional structures, upgraded its scientific research levels, strengthened its capacities of social services and international cooperation and communication, and so on.

He also pointed out that the school should be aware of its disparity. This is the goal LNU needs to seek for in future effort. He raised up several demands, including preparation, quality, efficiency and stabilization. He emphasized several major tasks: reform of personnel system, reform of education and teaching strategies, reform of scientific research system, cultivation of qualified teachers and introduction of talents.

The Secretary of the Party Committee of LNU, Zhou Sibi

Zhou Sibi, the Secretary of the Party Committee, asked all faculty members to work hard with creative ideas and approaches to win victories and make contributions for LNU in future work. He stressed the importance of learning, developing and reforming.